Saturday, December 10, 2011

Entering Marshallton 1918 - updated 12/15/2011 - photos and text added. See all three photos.


I have no idea where this may have been.
 Marshallton took in a much larger area back then.

It was mentioned in a comment the photo above looks something like Old Capitol Trail
just west of the Wilmington and Western Railroad tracks by the Hunters Den.
I took the picture below and darn if it doesnt resemble the one above. Just 90 some years later.
The houses my have been there prior to the construction of the Marshallton Bridge over the Red Clay. A photo from an earlier post (below this one) was c1932 and shows the intersection before construction began and there is an empty lot where OCT and Newport Road meet, but it looks like there is remnants of a fence. Like a house may have been there.




Scott P said...

I want to say that it's Old Capitol Trail, just west of the WWRR tracks (Near School Lane), looking toward Newport Road. The overgrown embankment on the right looks like what's still there, in front of where the old Cranston House (was that it?) was. Somehow, it just doesn't look right in the distance, though. The road seems to dead-end, which would be correct, but it looks like there's a house directly ahead. I didn't think there was. Maybe a wierd angle, or maybe I'm completely wrong. Either way, another great old pic! Thanks!

Denis said...

You know Scott you could be right.
The embankment on the right looks very much like the embankment today. If you look at the photo of the old Marshallton Station, Old Capitol trail appears not to be paved and the only photo I have showing the dead end at Newport Road is c1932 and this photo says 1918. There very could have been a house there prior or demolished in preperation for the construct the bridge. Fun Stuff!!

Denis said...

Yes you are right Scott. If that is where you think it is, it would be right in front of the old Cranston Home.