Sunday, November 27, 2011

County Parks Located Along the Red Clay Creek in the Lower Red Clay Valley

Brandywine Springs located on
Faulkland Road an RT41

Greenbank Park located along
Greenbank Road and Kirkwood Highway

Powell Ford Park located
on  Kiamensi and Stanton Roads

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Historical Markers In The Lower Red Clay Valley from Faulkland Road to Stanton including the Town of Newport

The Marker listed below for Washington's Earthworks has been missing for some time. It was located on the east side of creek where Old Capitol Trail (Lincoln Highway)crosses the Red Clay Creek in Marshallton


The American Army numbering about 11,000 encamped between Red Clay Creek and Newport September 6 to 9, 1777. Earthworks constructed for the protection of the camp are plainly visible on the edge of the hill overlooking the creek.

LOCATION: Marker is inactive/removed. North end of Bridge which crosses Red Clay Creek at Marshallton (Lincoln Highway), Wilmington.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ametek Show's It's Color's

If you click on the yellow link, above with the same title, you will open a stand alone page heavy with photos.

Many of us, in our daily routine, drive east and west on Kirkwood Highway and fail to notice what lies to the north and south of the John T. Davis Bridge as it crosses the Red Clay Creek. Even if you looked over the bridge railing or drive on Duncan Road, Newport Road, Old Capitol Trail or Newport Gap Pike (RT41) you could not see what this ¾ mile stretch of stream has to offer this time of year as it flows from RT41 (across from Wilmington and Western Railroad) to Newport Road, Marshallton, in the Lower Red Clay Valley. The entire length on the east side of the stream is bordered by property owned by the Ametek Corp. and to their east the Wilmington and Western Railroad, which is plainly visible in southern end of the parcel. Along with the W&W RR other remnants of the past remain, such as old trestles, bridges, an 18th century mill race and two c1905 buildings left after demolition. The demolition was a result 2003 flooding.
The parcel I am referring to is private property owned by Ametek and consists of approximately 30 acres and divided by the Red Clay Creek. As stated above it stretches from Newport Road in Marshallton to RT41(Newport Gap Pike). It now sits vacant waiting for a new use. It is not only my hopes but the hopes of others who reside in the area this large parcel will become a park / open space or part of the Proposed First State Trails and Pathways Plan.  Clicking here will take you to that plan.