Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Faulkland Station

When I posted an older photo of the Marshallton Station, Mike Ciosek from the Friends of Brandywine Springs emailed me with some information that I never knew and thought I would pass along. A portion of Mikes email is below detailing his trip down to Siver Springs, MD.:

Reading your blog and I have more information for you about the station in Marshallton. In 2009 John Iwasyk, Peter Lane and I went to the US Archives in Silver Springs, MD to look up the Landenberg Branch of the B&O RR. In about 1918 the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) was making a survey on all of the railroads in the US because the government was possibly going to take over the railroads because of WWI. They needed to know what they were taking over so they commissioned a survey the railroads.
 We went down to look at the records. We found an large amount of data on the whole branch. I literally photographed page after page of data. I have attached one of the pages that has notes on Marshallton. In 1919 it was used as a dwelling. It was just like Faulkland station was used as a home in the same period.  

Below is the page to the Marshallton Station Mike is relating to and also a photo of the Faulkland Station which is the first I have seen of that station. I have also re-posted the photo I put up recently of the Marshallton Station so you can see the resemblance....Without the plants,etc. of course. Mike tells me the lady standing on the platform is Mary O'Rourke.

Thanks to Mike and the Friends of Brandywine Springs for providing and letting me post their photos.