Monday, September 30, 2013

Brandywine Springs Tour on Septeber 21, 2013

On Saturday September 21st. Scott Palmer., author of the Mill Creek Hundred History Blog and on the board of The friends of Brandywine Springs gave an approx. two hour tour of the Brandywine Springs to a group of about 10 attendee’s. Beginning where the main entrance would have been he led the group along a route that was once the boardwalk. Along the route, which is now a pathway where the trolley ran, he stopped shared some early photos and explained each attraction. Scott did a great job and the weather co-operated fully. I was glad I could join the tour for as now I have a clearer picture of how the park was laid out and what it must have been like to attend an amusement park, after arriving by trolley, on a summer day around 1900.