Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurrican Irene aftermath. Sunday morning at aprox. 10:00am

These videos of The Red Clay Creek were filmed on Sunday morning, 8/28/2011, at aprox. 10:00am.

The first was taken from Bridge 155 on Old Capitol Trail.
The second was in Stanton shortly after 10:00am.
The third video was created by the owner of Delaware Equipment Rental on Greenbank Road . It was filmed earlier in the morning. I believe the person filming mentions it is about 7:45am

Again, I have posted many more photos on a seperate page. The link to that page is above labeled Hurricane Irene.

There is one photo of the bridge rail in Marshallton showing evidence of debris where the high water mark appeared to have been.

Above graph shows the Red Clay Creek crest in Stanton, about 8ft above flood stage, at around 8:00am Sunday morning on 8/28/2011.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Workhouse Guard Tower

I remember going through the old workhouse after it was shut down. It was such a cold and depressing structure.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wilmington and Western Railroad Summer Festival

On Saturday, August 13th, Wilmington and Western Railroad hosted their Summer Festival at the Greenbank Station location on rt41 near Prices Corner. Trains left on a predetermined schedule chugging up the Red Clay Valley to a pinick grove. After a short stay they returned to the Station unload passengers and welcomed another train load to repeat the excursion.
On the station grounds itself there were exhibits and eats for all ages to enjoy. Volunteers from the railroad dressed in period clothing to give a nostalgic feel.
Due to the number of photos, I listed them on a seperate page. The button for that is above (on the same line as the home page button) entitled the same as this one. Please take a look and leave any comments.
It is just another characteristic of the Historic Lower Red Clay Valley.
I hope to list more of these events as they become available.

Thanks for reading


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bridge 155 crosses Red Clay Creek on Old Capitol Trail. Built in 1932 and National Register Eligible.

Photo above with original embellishments
The photo above and the ones below show before and after views of Bridge 155 in 1931 and 1932 when it was built. I have no idea what the larger structures on the right hand side in the photo are. I have been told, at one time there was a silk mill in the area. I do not know if this is it or not.
I like the homes in the background
The Red Clay appears so much wider then

Looking west at Newport Road and Old Capitol Trail
Greenbank and Old Capitol Trail looking east towards Red Clay Creek