Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two More Historical Markers

I want to include these two Historical Markers. One stands in front of the National Guard on RT41 and the other in front of the Penial United Methodist Church on Maryland Avenue in Newport. The one in Front of the National Guard was overlooked previously and the one in Newport appears to be fairly new.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Judy Johnson House

The Judy Johnson House has been sitting vacant for about the last year and a half. It is starting to show signs of abandonment. Not far from this house was another home that was lived in until it was purchased. An older Cranston House sat vacant for about three years, with promises of restoration, until neglect and vandalism forced the razing of this Marshallton landmark. Its original carriage shed had burned a couple years prior. It would really be sad to see another structure, especially one of such significance as The Judy Johnson House, let go until its use is no longer possible. Judy purchased the home 1934 where he lived with his wife until his death in 1989. After his passing it was the home of his daughter and her husband, Bill Bruton, who played major league baseball with the Milwaukee Braves and the Detroit Tigers. The Johnson Home was listed on The National Historic Register 1995. Mr. Bruton passed away not long after.

The Following is an excerpt from The National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for the Johnson House.

The house at 3701 Kiamensi Avenue is the resource that best represents Johnson's productive life as a baseball player. Johnson resided at this house from 1934 until shortly before he passed away in 1989. The house is significant as the only house Johnson ever owned. Furthermore, the house represents
Johnson's professional career as a ball player, for he purchased the home while he was still playing ball with money earned from baseball. The house also represents the culmination of his playing career. Johnson owned this home during his last two regular seasons, the 1935 and 1936 seasons, when his team, the Pittsburgh Crawford Colored Giants, is considered to have been the best team in the history of the Negro Leagues. In 1935, Johnson was captain of the team and shared in managerial duties with Oscar Charleston. In 1936, Johnson was voted onto the All Star Team and the Crawfords won the NNL pennant. On one occasion, after the Crawfords played a game at Harlan Field in Wilmington, they drove the team bus to Johnson's house in Marshallton, parked the bus out front, and stayed for a home-cooked meal.

Photo below is from 2011

Below from 2012

Below is the c1845 Cranston House
before demolition

View of the site after demolition