Ametek Shows its Colors

Photos below show what remains, the administration building and pump house, of the old Ametek plant in Marshallton, Delaware. The pictures highlight the two structures remaining on the site along with the footbridge still intact over the spillway of the original mill race from the Hersey Mill. Also shown is some remaining open space across the street from the buildings and along Red Clay Creek to the intersection of Greenbank and Duncan Roads.

Below is looking north along the Red Clay Creek from Hersey Bridge on Newport Road.
Ametek property is on both sides of the stream.

Below is looking south from across the stream and behind the pump house.
Ametek is on both the east and west side of thr Red Clay Creek

Another bridge on the property crossing the Red Clay.

Looking south from above bridge.
Hersey Bridge is in the distance.
Again, bisecting the property.

Looking north from above bridge.
The stream still splits the parcel.
Kirkwood Highway Bridge is ahead.
East side of property on the right. West side on left.

Looking down from south side of Kirkwood Highway Bridge.
The property seen here belongs to the parcel with Wilmington and
 Western Railroad at the top just out of the photo.

View of the bridge featured earlier from above

I believe this is old railroad siding, but on Ametek property.

Wilmington and Western tracks

In this view the gates to the original mill race
would be on the far right

Plaque on Kirkwood Highway Bridge.

Looking down from the north side of bridge.
Wilmington and Western Railroad

Looking north.
 Ametek property is on the right (east) side in the next three photos

Looking out over property from bridge looking noth

Below pictures were taken from rt41 (Newport Gap PK.)
Ametek is on the left (east) side.

Below, still Ametek property, this is what the Red Clay Interceptor(sewer)
appears like at rt41.
It also shows how it looks before crossing rt41.

below shows what is across from the photo above on RT41

Wilmington and Western at rt41 and adjacent to Ametek property

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