Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bridge 155 crosses Red Clay Creek on Old Capitol Trail. Built in 1932 and National Register Eligible.

Photo above with original embellishments
The photo above and the ones below show before and after views of Bridge 155 in 1931 and 1932 when it was built. I have no idea what the larger structures on the right hand side in the photo are. I have been told, at one time there was a silk mill in the area. I do not know if this is it or not.
I like the homes in the background
The Red Clay appears so much wider then

Looking west at Newport Road and Old Capitol Trail
Greenbank and Old Capitol Trail looking east towards Red Clay Creek


Scott P said...

You've probably seen it, but the 1931 DELDOT Annual Report (on their site where the bridge survey is) has a picture of the newly-built bridge, as well as before and after pictures of the cut-off.

LRCV said...


Yes I have seen those photos. The 1932 photo I posted earlier of Foards Store, looking west, was from the same batch of DelDot photos. Now that you mention it I will dig them up and update the latest post with those photos.


Scott P said...

Re: the top historic photo -- I think the three structures on the right are houses on Washington Ave. In fact, I think the righthand one is still there. It's now the first house on the right, as you come down Washington from Newport Rd. It looks like the biggest of the three may have sat right behind Foards Store.

There was a silk mill at the end of Washington, but I think it's to the right of this picture. Also note you can see Cope's store right down thru the center of the bridge. I had never seen the "Before" picture looking west. Great pics again!

LRCV said...

Thanks Scott,
What I really like about these older photos is what you can pickup if you look hard enough, like you picking up Cope's Store. At first glance it appears you can see the old Cranston Home on the hill behind the store, but I think it is just the photo.
The outbuildings that go with the houses are what strike me.
This area really seems rural in some of these pictures.

Kelley said...

I somehow picked up the Bus-Stop sign on the left of the 5th picture. Apparently there was a bus stop in what is now the cul-de-sac. The sign must have popped out because I have one. My father collected things like that to use as wall hangings.