Monday, March 18, 2013

Delaware State University to open at the old Army Reserve Center on Kirkwood Highway

The Following Text was taken from a newsletter by Kim Williams, State Representative for the 19th. district

Delaware State University Opening Its Doors in the 19th District
You might have wondered what will happen to the old Army Reserve Center on Kirkwood Highway, but there is now an answer to that question. Delaware State University officially owns the facility and is working to finalize plans for programming. Classes will begin at the new location this fall, but the building will not be completely ready until a later date. I will keep you posted as more information is available.

                                                The old Army Reserve Building on Kirkwood Highway

The 10-acre facility was recommended for closure as a military installation in 2005. In 2006, then-Rep. Gilligan sponsored legislation that granted the state of Delaware the ability to make recommendations for the future use of the property.
In July 2011, the federal government announced that it had started the process to donate the building to DSU. This generosity will allow the school to offer value-added degree programs, community seminars and adult learning more extensively to the citizens of New Castle County. Initial plans for the building will help grow DSU’s Connected Degree program, which permits students at Delaware Tech to transfer their credits to DSU after two years. Having this location open will also enable DSU to vastly improve targeted science fields. I expect that this agreement will provide several dozen job openings in the area and improve the overall aesthetics of our community.


Scott P said...

I hadn't heard that. Thanks for the update.

Denis said...

From what I have heard, it will be moving it's campus out of Wilmington to this site. Looking forward to see what it might bring to the area.