Friday, September 30, 2011

1782 in Stanton / Glenville Area

I am not quite sure where this map came from. It may be from Robert Seligs report he did on the W3R and its route to and from Yorktown, but is included in the W3R Heritage Tour in Delaware.
According to this map, in 1782, on the return march following the Battle at Yorktown, Virginia, the French Troops encamped in the approximate area of where the Shop Rite and Movies 10 are located. I also thought they camped in this area on the way to Yorktown as well, but closer to the Red Clay Creek in the Stanton / Glenville area.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update..... "Village" of Kiamensi

Two posts ago I was having trouble envisioning what the Village of Kiamensi must of looked like. At the suggestion of Scott Palmer I dug through some older reports and came up with this drawing put together in 1926 by Price and Price and included in a Kiamensi and Stanton report by E. Heite. It is not the prettiest of scans. It is actually on two seperate pages and taken with a phone scanner. It does give a good over view of the site and its surrondings. The second image shows dwellings up and down Kiamensi Road between Stanton Road and the Red Clay.

Saturday October 1st. at the Historic Hale Byrnes House

Press Release
The public is cordially invited to the Historic Hale Byrnes House at 606 Stanton-Christiana Road, Newark, Delaware 19713 this Saturday evening, October 1 at 7:30 p. m.. "Observe the Night Sky," with Lynn King, a well-known local re-enactor and dulcimer player will portrays Lady Caroline Herschel, who lived in 18th century Europe, and was the first woman to have been paid as an astronomer.
$5 per person at the door includes coffee and dessert. Well-behaved children are always welcomed.
Please dress for the weather as this program will be held on the banks of the White Clay Creek on the terrace of the Hale Byrnes House. In case of rain, the program will be held indoors.
The program is part of an ongoing series of evening programs known as the American Revolution Round Table of Delaware, sponsored by the Delaware Society for the Preservation of Antiquities-Hale Byrnes House. Visit the American Revolution Round Table on Facebook.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The "VILLAGE" of Kiamensi

Ok..what happen to this Village. As I mentioned on another site it appears to be like an old west town that sprung up and when the resources died so did the town. In 2011 there does remain a couple workers homes and remnants of another, but that is all. The images below mention someone getting married in Kiamensi (was there a chapel and / or a church?), another saying in addition to the mills it had 26 dwellings(from Scharf's, History of Delaware). In another, a 1902 description of Kiamensi mentions it has woolen mills and a public hall. Some of the dwellings mention could have included its sister mill in Stanton, but it doesn't specify. I get the impression these snipits are refering to Kiamensi.
It would be fantastic if somehow, somewhere, someone had photos to share of the "Village".

Friday, September 23, 2011

ASD meeting at Greenbank Mill

I had the chance to attend the monthly meeting of the Northern Chapter of the Archeological Society of Delaware held at The Greenbank Mill on Wednesday 9/21/11. Kieth Doms, an archeologist, had an array of bottles starting from the 1700’s to the present. He gave a summary on bottles and their timeline, along with the manufacturing process and their use. Since my scanner is down, I have made a crude attempt to post some of the handouts. Hopefully they will be helpful to bottle enthusiasts.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summary of Historical Floods of Red Clay Valley

Over the last decade or so we have seen the Red Clay Creek reach flood stage more than a handful of times. Homes have been flooded, roads closed and debris carried down stream. The Millcreek Hundred History Blog takes a look at some of the more infamous flooding that has taken place on the Red and White Clay. It is worth taking a look.