Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Marshallton Station

The Marshallton Station was on the west side of the tracks where they cross Old Capitol Trail near where the Hunters Den Restaurant sits today. In the background you can make out the Cranston House that was sadly demolished a couple years back. On the platform of the station there is what looks like a pile of coal and some wooden barrels of an unknown cargo. Local stories say it was here that livestock would be unloaded and herded down the road to one of the slaughter houses in the area.
Would love to know what happened to the Marshallton sign hanging on the the station.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Annie Oakley' s of The Old New Castle County Workhouse get their recognition

Just a bout a year ago a gentleman by the name of Bill Salerno approached me and asked if I could help him out by posting some information on this blog. As it turns out Bill was working on a project regarding eleven women hired to be corrections officers at the old New Castle County Workhouse in the 1940’s. He had some photos and a couple newspaper clippings that he hoped would help identify the women hired. I was more then happy to help out. You can see that post here.
After more then a year of gong through the archives, internet searches and other research including  the support of County, State and local Legislators, Bill had all his hard work rewarded. At 10:30am on May 30th 2014 a Historic Marker was unveiled at the site of the old Workhouse. The ceremony was well attended and at one point Bill said to me “this was more then I expected”.
Congratulations to Bill for his dedication and enthusiasm to see a project like this through.
Below are some photos from today’s event.
New Marker
Bill speaks to crowd as Legislators and County Officials look  on
Senator Peterson, Senator Blevins and Representative Kim Williams address the crowd
County Executive Tom Gordon also addressed the crowd
Some of The Crowd
Again, more of the crowd