Thursday, May 19, 2011

AMETEK....links appear in red

Why can’t something like what is being done in Yorklyn, be done to the old Ametek site in the Prices Corner area? Its industrial past dates back to 1700’s, all buildings (except two identified as historic) have been demolished and all 32 acres sit directly on the Red Clay Creek and could help connect 3 county parks. It has been sitting vacant since 2003 when flooding closed the site for good. This would be an excellent location for flood mitigation since structures / homes below the site get flooded often during heavy rains. The last flooding was October 2010 during Tropical Storm Nicole. If preserving the waterways and restoring the wetlands is important as the 4/25/2011 News Journal article states, then this 32 acre tract of land is just as important as and much cheaper than Yorklyn and should be looked at for trails, open space preservation, recreation and storm water management.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

September 1777 Entrenchments


The American Army numbering about 11,000 encamped between Red Clay Creek and Newport September 6 to 9, 1777. Earthworks constructed for the protection of the camp are plainly visible on the edge of the hill overlooking the creek.

LOCATION: Marker is inactive/removed. North end of Bridge which crosses Red Clay Creek at Marshallton (Lincoln Highway), Wilmington.
The Delaware Public Archives operates a historical markers program as part of its mandate. Markers are placed at historically significant locations and sites across the state.

Kiamensi B & O Bridge Appears in Background

Sunday, May 8, 2011

c1845 House. Demolished in 2010.

Someone posted a comment about the carriage house that was included on the property. The only photos I have before it was destroyed by fire are below.

                      You can see above what remained of the carriage house. It was not in the best of shape

                   This picture just gives you a indication of the width of the boards on the sidewall.                       Some measured over 12" in width.

                This photo was to show the mortise and tenon joints used in construction. You can not see them very well, but if you look close enough you can see the wooden pin protruding from the corner post a little ways down from the top of the post.

Even though the photos below were taken after the fire they clearly show the joints used in the construction of the carriage house. The top picture shows a piece of framing that still retains its wooden pin.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Diamond State League Champions 1932

The back of the frame says:
Mr. Bringhirst                                    
Harrison Temple
Bill Patterson
Dick Shannon
Eddie Bayde
Jed Rucker
Joe Gollicker
Dick Crouch
Whitie Peters
Sticks Cain
Frank Ford
Eddie Weatherlow
Red Riley
Norm Schultz - Pitcher
Lonny Green
Myron Green
Dope Johnson
Jay Brown
Otts Weatherlow