Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Bunny Train 2012

On the day before Easter with my wife and grandson along with his parents we climbed aboard the Easter Bunny Train on the Wilmington and Western Railroad. A wonderful time with good weather and a great view.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Save Those Stanton Earthworks!

                                        Taken from The Sunday Morning Star  July 10, 1938

                                        I have heard in the past there had been some Earthworks in Stanton area but never knew they were identified by a Delaware Historical Marker. According to the final paragraph in this editorial that must have been the case. That makes at least two markers that have been removed in the Lower Red Clay Valley that have been taken down and never replaced. The other was on the Lincoln Highway, now Old Capitol Trail,  in Marshallton also identifying Washington's Eartworks. I have attached,  below the clipping, a late 1800's photo of those remains and what that marker said.



The American Army numbering about 11,000 encamped between Red Clay Creek and Newport September 6 to 9, 1777. Earthworks constructed for the protection of the camp are plainly visible on the edge of the hill overlooking the creek.

LOCATION: Marker is inactive/removed. North end of Bridge which crosses Red Clay Creek at Marshallton (Lincoln Highway), Wilmington.
The Delaware Public Archives operates a historical markers program as part of its mandate. Markers are placed at historically significant locations and sites across the state.

B & O Railroad Bridge at Kiamensi can be seen in the background

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sturgis A & P Store on the corner of Newport Gap Pike and Old Capitol Trail

On Thursday of last week I was talking to a nice lady about some information she was looking for when she began to tell me some of her memories about living and growing up in the Cedars area. She went on to mentioned she had a photo of an older home/store with a gas pump out in front that was located on the corner of Newport Gap Pike and Old Capitol Trail. Then and there she peaked my interest. The interest begins with a photo, that I will post again here, from 1921 showing The old Hollingsworth Company and bridge on Old Capitol Trail. The photo is titled Bridge 154 at Lincoln Highway (now Old Capitol Trail) and Smith's Corner. It is from the 1921 bridge survey taken by the State of Delaware. Well, from that point on it was a challenge to find out who Smith was. We had heard he lived on the second floor of a place on the corner of NGP and OCT and had a gas pump out front. Scott Palmer of The Mill Creek History Blog did a nice short post on it as well. His story can be found here. I have also shared the photo with him. So I wonder if this the place that named the this intersection.
The photo, as described to me, is of Lang & Sturgis A&P Store Store on Newport Gap Pike. In conversation it was mentioned the purchase was possibly the mid 1920's, which could have put Mr. Smith there in 1921 or before. I was told Mr. Sturgis owned a store in the city of Wilmington. An interior view of that store is below with address of West Street.
I asked permission to post this photo and was given the okay by Mr. Sturgis's grandson who still lives in the area. Thank you to all. You never know what you will find out when you are talking to someone.

                                            Corner of Newport Gap Pike and Old Capitol Trail

                                  Interior view of Mr. Sturgis Store on West Street in Wilmington

                                              Bridge 154 ....Lincoln Highway at Smith's Corner
                                                       From DELDOT 1921 Bridge Survey.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Newport Millstones

These millstones are erected in front of the old Woman's Club of Newport Building. The plaque on each one gives the information.